Suggesting products that are generally bought with each other is a great marketing strategy. People are always going to need associated items at some point, whether they’re buying fashion products, laptops, cell phones, or other items.

Showing “products bought together” increases the visibility, value, and consumer awareness for those items. Many customers may already be interested in some or all of those products.

Amazon is already using this feature for years. Recent statistics suggest that as much as 35% of their additional income has come from these kinds of sales. They suggest products that are related to the primary items that customers are viewing. You’ve probably seen their “customers who viewed this item also bought” section of their site. Wouldn’t it be great to be like Amazon and secure sales this easily?

WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin can help you achieve this goal. It’s an effective and intelligent strategy that embraces cross-selling to improve overall sales, revenue, and profit.

You can have what Amazon uses or a budget-friendly option

  1. Gallery Layout
  2. Amazon Layout
  3. List Layout

Each layout are simply the different effects you will receive based on your choice. Naturally, some are more versatile than others, or more attractive than others. Still, there are more than one way to get something done!

NB: At any time, any of these options may become unavailable and or unsuitable for your specific website at time of request.

AddOn Functionality Details:

Frequently Bought Together allows you to suggest a group of selected products on the product page to encourage users to buy more products and even offer them at a discounted price as well.

What the plugin does

Increase sales by showing a dedicated section to suggest items usually bought together with the product being reviewed watched by your customer. 

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will take advantage of the social proof strategy to encourage users to purchase the products usually bought by other customers and therefore increase the average value of the order;
  • You will be able to use the plugin to suggest related products that can be interesting to your customers so as to boost your e-commerce conversions. (E.g. e-commerce suggesting a memory card to users purchasing a camera can increase the monthly turnover of 12%)

These suggested products will also appear on the wishlist page to encourage purchases. 

Explicitly designed to let you make your offers in the most direct way ever, a well-planned proposal has double advantages for shop owners and customers.

Your suggestions might allow them to save a lot of time and grant you a highly targeted advertising, which is always the most effective one.

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