If you serve clients outside of Trinidad and Tobago, a currency switcher AddOn on your website can be a must-have plugin for you. It allows your customers to switch between currencies and helps your store accept payments in multi-currency. The exchange rate can be set up manually or automatically (we will ensure it pulls automatically for you). The AddOn can automatically get customers’ geolocation and display the price in the customers’ country of login.

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How does it work and look??

Depending on when this item is purchased, it can look a little different (plugin updates, availability and compatibility with current WP version), however – they would provide largely the same function.

Purchasing a currency converter for your website shows clients the prices in TWO (or more currencies).

There is a premium version (which means, more currencies visible, but at an additional cost). So how does it work? It enables a multi-currency system in your shop and allow users to see and pay for products in their own preferred currency, such as TTD or USD or other.

How you, your website and clients can benefit from it:

  • Make your e-commerce store ready for international sales and (with the premium option) add an unlimited number of currencies
  • Show a currency switcher everywhere on your site to allow users to see prices and pay in their preferred currency
  • Geolocate users and automatically show prices in the currency of their origin country (that is, the country they have logged in from)
  • Create custom rules to set which currencies need to be shown to users from specific countries;
  • Hide specific payment methods to users who are paying in a specific currency (useful for payments outside of Trinidad and Tobago, Bank Transfer, for example might stay hidden)
  • Set optional exchange fees to cover the fees applied by the bank or by the money transfer operator
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