What to expect

We often get that persons expect to be taught about web design at a consultation. This is NOT what your consultation will give you. To get the most out of your session, you should prepare to talk about your needs for your website


Clean & Modern

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Web Design Consult

You should be concerned if you receive a price estimate before either party understands what the project really entails (work involved, costs and what you will be getting in your website)

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"Bounce My Ideas"

This is where YOU use 45 minutes to pick my brains about exactly WHAT is possible for your website.  Whether or not you NEED to start from scratch or whether you can start from where you are.  Drop your existing website if you'd like... this session is all about YOU & YOUR Questions!

Web Design Consultation

Our appointments are flexible because life is:

  • You receive an email confirmation immediately after booking
  • A virtual meeting link will be shared with you on confirmed payment

You can reply to your booking confirmation email at any time.

"Bounce my ideas" allows you access to pick our brains for 45 mins!
Get online with our

Tiered Packages

Start with


home page
pre-designed template
online payments

Build with


everything lite
design autonomy
load products

Grow with


all of standard 
policy pages
mailing list set-up

more information

Standard weekdays are a base fee.  However, booking on Holidays or Weekends incurs a higher fee.

A Web Design consultation is for your business, if you:
– are ready to level up your social media store
– are ready to own your online presence and online real estate
– are considering expanding your business options
– would like to have your inventory automatically updated with new sales
– want to benefit from auto-invoices being emailed to clients immediately
– want to level up your business, to the true meaning of e-commerce
– if “DM for orders” is taking up too much time and creating too much unnecessary steps in your business
– are ready to put in the work (required) to take this next step in investing in your business. (There is a lot of work to be done, to own a website like those you might be admiring. And the work must begin with you).



Consultations are done over ZOOM (for one hour); the link is sent in your "Payment Confirmation" email.

It (Zoom Link) will also appear under "Bookings" in your Client Dashboard – when payment has been confirmed.

NB: Video is not required.


Good news! No need to email or share payment deposit receipts when paying by Bank Deposit.

Date Change

Date changes are possible up to ONE DAY before your appointment.

To select a new date or time for a scheduled appointment:
– CANCEL your first booking (under My Account – Bookings)
– Schedule another available date and or time
– Use Coupon Code "datechange" at checkout

Please "reply" to your booking confirmation email for date changes up to 30 mins before your scheduled appointment should something else come up.

During Session

– What to expect from your web designer
– What to expect of yourself
– What do you need to prepare
– What goes into most web design projects and goes into yours
– What does your business need in order to own a website
– What options can your business (website) utilize.
– Recurring payments which are associated with owning your website

After Session

– Understand hosting, domain and other jargon
– Understand next step and costs
– Understand duration and requirements
– Review Web Design Policy
– Follow up conversation (questions and answers)
– Access to Client Area


You can CANCEL your session (up to 2 days before your session) for a PARTIAL refund.

Service fees are non-refundable.

On booking your session, we prepare to deliver this service to you immediately; this means:
– Research
– Review and estimates etc.
– Generating your consultation report.

45 mins is set to review the work we have (already) completed for you; as such a partial refund can be issued (up to 4 days) for the session time not utilized. Your consultation report may be emailed.


There is a lot of work to be done to own a website like those you might be admiring, and the work must begin with you. It is helpful to know and understand your business processes.